Hello, thanks for taking a look! I am a Post-doc in the CLEAN unit at Bocconi University, where I study the economics of law and crime. I completed my PhD in Economics at West Virginia University in February of 2023. Primarily, my research is focused on searching for (what I find to be) interesting empirical solutions that allow me to analyze those inherently hard to measure components of human behavior. This is what fascinates me about crime as a field: much of the behavior of criminal actors is done deliberately to avoid leaving a data/paper trail. This is part of the reason why I find the unique challenges of analyzing human behavior outside of traditional institutions to be so fun. Prior to joing WVU’s Economics department, I spent a year in the Natural Resource Economics department there, working on research related to fishery production. I do hope to do a bit more work in that area in the future. My undergrad was completed through Pell Grant funding at Bloomsburg University in Central Pennsylvania. In my free time I like to travel and spend time outdoors.