I was born in Hartford, CT but moved to the Philadlephia area when I was very young to be closer to my dad’s family. Before college, I spent a few years traveling and working all sorts of jobs. Among other jobs, I’ve been a cook at two different Italian restaraunts in Honolulu, a commercial fisherman, a union low-voltage electrician, and a legal assistant at a criminal defense firm. Most of my free time is spent hanging out with friends and family, reading a pretty eclectic range of books, or going on adventures outdoors (primarily with my fiance and awesome best friend, an 11 year old Poi dog I adopted as a teenager). I love old Sci-Fi and corny comedies (in the vein of Step Brothers). For a while, I tried pursuing a boxing career. It didn’t work out too well, but I did get the opportunity to get beat up by a world champion. Most importantly, as a kid my dream was to be an astronaut. I think I’m clearly heading in the right direction to fulfill that one.